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 Edinburgh College of Art: Degree Show. Sculpture, Painting, Intermedia and Photography. Sculpture Exhibition, Room C04 and adjoining areas, Main Building, 74 Lauriston Place, EH3 9DF.  2 - 10 June 2018, 11 am - 5 pm. Late night openings (8 pm) on 6th and 7th June.

You are most welcome. Immerse yourself in the best contemporary art. Enjoy some refreshments in our newly refurbished restaurant.

Paper Casting 1

plasticine mould 20171125 1209692912

Recently, I have been playing around with knots, all sorts of knots from fishermen's knots to the type you tie your shoelaces with.

paper cast a5 20171125 2090424503

To gain a better understand I decided to cast them. Casting can be an expensive and or time consuming business. But casting in paper was neither, and was fun. First you need a mould, I produced two types, one in clay, that needed to be fired. A second in plasticine that didn't. Both versions worked well, capturing the detail of the rope. But plasticine has the benefit of simplicity and reuseability. The knot was pressed into the mould, leaving its impression.

The paper pulp was made from photo copy paper, torn up into small pieces about 3 cm square, soaked overnight and put through a blender for 90 sec. This is then pressed into the mould. Covering the mould with felt, you press down with a sponge to soak up the water. Leave for a couple of days to thoroughly dry out. The mould produces A4 size casts.